Alastair Stewart

I initially found myself becoming curious about the mind through shamanistic practices. From there the curiosity grew as I developed my own mindfulness discipline. By my late twenties I had an established Zen practice by living it and studied Hatha Yoga and Chinese practices to some depth, I was developing my psychotherapeutic skills through work and a desire in me for greater wholeness. I was seeing how many attracted to meditation really struggled with their emotional experience of life (rather just watch it than be in it).  I was also finding therapeutically how a lot of counselling work seemed to omit the body!
Eugine Gendlin's work on Focusing interested me and also the phenomenological aspects of Gestalt, it was at this time I discovered Nick Totten's Neo Reichian Growth Work and then I read Ron Kurtz's  Body-Centred Psychotherapy The Hakomi Method, before long I'd started to train as a Hakomi therapist with Donna Martin. Round this time I started my Private Practice. That was in 2002 I'm still developing in the method, as Hakomi integrates mindfulness with body-somatic work, which I believe is the only mindfulness based therapy to do so.

I've been working therapeutically with mindfulness for over a decade my methods evolve as insights in attachment theory and Neuro-science further. In that time I 've delivered our children and trained as a supervisor, both experiential undertakings! Keep visiting the site to read about the politics of having a body - transforming our trauma for societies healing.

Therapeutically I have a adv diploma in Humanistic Counselling completed and continue to develop In Hakomi Therapy and have qualified to as a supervisor.